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"This opportunity was brought to you courtesy of feminism." -- Marie C. Wilson, President and Founder, The White House Project

July 15
6:00 pm

Greece Town Board Meeting - Atheist Invocation
Dan Courtney, an atheist, will deliver an atheist invocation at the July 15 Greece Town Board meeting. Immediately following the invocation, a press conference will be held outside the Greee Town Hall. Several nationally prominent speakers will participate in the press conference including Greg Lipper, Senior Litigation Counsel for Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Lipper will also be speaking at 7:00 pm at the Rochester Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Brighton Library Meeting Room, 2300 Elmwood Ave.



July 18-20

Seneca Falls Convention Days
The town of Seneca Falls, NY will be commemorating the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention:

-meet Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her descendant
-kayak the First Annual Convention Paddle
-have your head read by a phrenologist
-hear speakers Nadia Shahram and Daisy Kahn
-tour Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s home
-march in the Women’s Rights procession
-tour local museums
- and attend dinners, receptions, films, and the Side Walk Festival

Schedule of Events



July 21
5:00 pm

Rochester NOW Summer Picnic
Email us for more information.



August 17
Noon -
5:00 pm

Susan B. Anthony Festival
The ratification of the 19th Amendment, giving women the vote, will be celebrated with music, food and vendors at the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House (17 Madison St.) and Susan B. Anthony Park (also on Madison St.)

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