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Greater Rochester NOW (National Organization for Women) Chapter

The Greater Rochester Chapter of the National Organization for Women is an active, entirely volunteer based, non-profit group dedicated to helping women live better lives. Rochester NOW works in support of women's health care issues, equality in the workplace, and fair treatment regardless of race or sexual orientation.

Take the Workplace Equity Survey

Why is it important to take the survey? Because women earn about 77% of what men earn, across all professions and distinctions. And this wage gap has not made progress since 2001.

Take the survey now!

The survey will help us find out why the wage gap exists and what we can do about it. The survey is for both men and women. It is anonymous. It will take less than 10 minutes. And it will greatly benefit our knowledge of the wage inequalities in Rochester.

The survey was developed by the Susan B. Anthony Center at the University of Rochester.

Equal Pay!

Rochester NOW members are fighting for Equal Pay for women. In New York State, women earn only 86% of what men earn, and this wage gap is even larger for women of color. African-American women earn only 66% and Hispanic women earn only 54% of what men earn. Overall, the gap between full-time working women and men in New York State is more than $8,000 annually, or what could be the equivalent of several months of rent or mortgage payments, critical savings toward the purchase of a home or a child's education, or even a full year of grocery bills. Join NOW and fight for economic justice!

Equal Pay for Women




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